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Eternal Conscious Torment?

Church and Graveyard on a cloudy day

Greetings, friends. This article is an update on my theological explorations, and my attempt to fully understand whether I can reconcile my belief in God’s sovereign control over the unfolding of all events with the Christian gospel. When Christians discuss the doctrine of hell,… Continue Reading “Eternal Conscious Torment?”

Life’s Too Short?

A giant clock with a hellish scene to the left and a heavenly scene to the right

It’s a saying that we’ve all heard countless times. The meaning behind the phrase is normally that we need to enjoy ourselves now because our life here on earth will soon be over. The phrase is decidedly secular and often accompanies destructive tendencies such as… Continue Reading “Life’s Too Short?”

Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife

A graveyard on a sunny Autumn day

When I was a Christian I had great faith that there would be a place in heaven waiting for me when I died.  This faith gave me the confidence to live more freely and fearlessly.  There are many things I miss about being a… Continue Reading “Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife”

Pray for a Miracle

A man reaching towards the heavens with his right hand

There is too much suffering in the world.  There is the suffering that makes the headlines; conflict in Iraq and Syria or the Ebola virus for instance.  Then there is the suffering that we don’t read about in the newspapers; the homeless woman in… Continue Reading “Pray for a Miracle”

May God Grant us Peace!

A dock with a river and trees in the background

As I sit alone in my bedroom, I am aware of how quiet this house is at the moment.  It’s a five bedroom property, but three tenants have moved out in recent months and have not yet been replaced.  It is wonderful to be… Continue Reading “May God Grant us Peace!”