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Pray for a Miracle

There is too much suffering in the world.  There is the suffering that makes the headlines; conflict in Iraq and Syria or the Ebola virus for instance.  Then there is the suffering that we don’t read about in the newspapers; the homeless woman in central London or the young man with cancer.  Every day there are countless people suffering in hospital, in psychiatric hospital, in prison, on the street, at work, and in their homes. So many people experience fear, pain, depression, anxiety, panic, hopelessness and despair. This is the agonising truth of life on earth.

And then there is the God, who I know is real, who is above all of these problems.  The one true God of all creation has all the power in the universe, and could stop all of this terrible suffering in an instant if He so wished.  I know that a breakthrough is possible.  I know that God hears our prayers and so I often pray for a miracle, whether it be the return of Jesus or something else, that will lead to peace and joy for all God’s creatures on Earth. Do you believe that a breakthrough is possible?

It is hard to understand why God creates such suffering in our world.  I have offered some possible explanations elsewhere on this blog and in my books.  But it is clear to me that God is in control, and so I call on you my friends to say a prayer each day for a breakthrough – a miracle – that will bring peace to every creature on earth. Please, let us hope and pray. The stakes are too high not to give it a try. Thank you.

4 responses to “Pray for a Miracle”

  1. God doesn’t create suffering, man does. In my opinion. I don’t believe in a God on the throne scenario. I believe in love or a lack of it.



    1. Your comment is so brief there’s little to understand from it. However, let me say that some of us believe that God is panentheistic in nature – that is everything, including the universe and all the creatures within it, is within God. If God is fully aware, it follows that He is part of the suffering, and all the other emotions, not just universal love.

      When I play chess with my friends, we enjoy the intellectual struggle. Does the absence of love mean that we are engaging in an ungodly pastime? Does the whole universe exist only by God’s love? Why do the planets revolve around their suns in a predictable and mathematically describable way? I hope you see my point – God has infinite dimensions, is all-encompassing; we experience reality through finite dimensions and limited understanding.

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      1. I do see your point but with hundreds of blogs I follow, 3 English classes to read and write for, and 1 Math class, brief is the best I can do at the moment. So yes I believe that “god” is omnipresent and omnipotent….so I suppose that yes, I agree.


  2. Thank you Sindy and Dinos, two of my most valued contributors to this blog 🙂 Sindy’s perspective is one that I encounter all the time. Most Christians believe man is responsible for the suffering on earth. I think that the panentheistic perspective that perhaps Dinos and I share is quite unusual. I’m totally convinced it’s the truth, though. If God is truly everywhere then God is in control of suffering as well as love.


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