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Does Suffering Serve a Purpose?

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In this post I’ll be giving a snapshot of the life and thought of Anicius Boethius, a figure who lived around the 6th century AD and has been described as the last of the Romans and also the first of the scholastic philosophers.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

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One of the toughest problems in the study of both philosophy and theology is the so-called ‘problem of evil’ (also referred to as the theodicy problem). The problem can be formulated in a variety of ways, but is normally considered in terms of a… Continue Reading “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”

Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife

A graveyard on a sunny Autumn day

When I was a Christian I had great faith that there would be a place in heaven waiting for me when I died.  This faith gave me the confidence to live more freely and fearlessly.  There are many things I miss about being a… Continue Reading “Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife”

A response to ‘Stephen Fry on God’

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You may have seen a recent video clip that went viral in which Stephen Fry makes some very stark criticisms of God.  I have embedded the clip below this article in case you haven’t seen it.  In the clip Fry is answering the question… Continue Reading “A response to ‘Stephen Fry on God’”

Pray for a Miracle

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There is too much suffering in the world.  There is the suffering that makes the headlines; conflict in Iraq and Syria or the Ebola virus for instance.  Then there is the suffering that we don’t read about in the newspapers; the homeless woman in… Continue Reading “Pray for a Miracle”