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Does Suffering Serve a Purpose?

Black and white photo of feet in chains

In this post I’ll be giving a snapshot of the life and thought of Anicius Boethius, a figure who lived around the 6th century AD and has been described as the last of the Romans and also the first of the scholastic philosophers.

Does Life Have Purpose?

A bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on a horse

In this week’s philosophy post we’ll be looking at the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, whose Stoic philosophy demonstrated a belief in the ultimate meaninglessness of all things.

Living a Virtuous Life

A Roman Amphitheatre

In today’s Friday Philosophy post we’ll be looking at the Roman statesman, philosopher, and dramatist Lucius Annaeus Seneca, who had some interesting advice to offer concerning the way in which we should live our lives.

Philosophy in Politics

Old books in a line

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we move from Greece to Rome and look at the work of Marcus Tullius Cicero, who lived from 106-43 BC, only decades before the birth of Jesus.