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Living a Virtuous Life

A Roman Amphitheatre

In today’s Friday Philosophy post we’ll be looking at the Roman statesman, philosopher, and dramatist Lucius Annaeus Seneca, who had some interesting advice to offer concerning the way in which we should live our lives.

Do Ideas Exist in Reality?

Lightbulbs of varying sizes in a wallpaper pattern

In the last few Friday Philosophy posts we’ve been looking at the presocratics (that is, ancient Greek philosophers who lived and taught prior to Socrates). This week we’re moving on to a new category: the Eleatics. These philosophers are also presocratic, but are often… Continue Reading “Do Ideas Exist in Reality?”


Wooden crucifix on open bible

Today I want to look at the idea of compatibilism as discussed by the theologian D. A. Carson in a book called Still Sovereign. The book features fourteen essays by Calvinist scholars on a range of theological subjects. The chapter I’ll be quoting from here is… Continue Reading “Compatibilism”

Truth, God, Morality and Ethics: Conversations with Martin (part 2/2)

A black and white picture of God with the world as His footstool

This is the second part of my email conversation with a friend in which we began by discussing panentheism (see Conversations with Martin (part 1/2)), and then moved on a variety of subjects including free will, the nature of God, morality and ethics, and… Continue Reading “Truth, God, Morality and Ethics: Conversations with Martin (part 2/2)”

Panentheism, Sacred Texts, Creation: Conversations with Martin (part 1/2)

An open Bible

I recently had an intriguing email discussion with my good friend Martin (not his real name – he wanted to remain anonymous) that started with the subject of panentheism and grew to incorporate sacred texts, morality, and a whole lot more.  I wanted to… Continue Reading “Panentheism, Sacred Texts, Creation: Conversations with Martin (part 1/2)”