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Do Ideas Exist in Reality?

Lightbulbs of varying sizes in a wallpaper pattern

In the last few Friday Philosophy posts we’ve been looking at the presocratics (that is, ancient Greek philosophers who lived and taught prior to Socrates). This week we’re moving on to a new category: the Eleatics. These philosophers are also presocratic, but are often… Continue Reading “Do Ideas Exist in Reality?”

Rivers of Change

A waterfall and flowing river, surrounded by rocks and trees

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post. Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at some of the most famous presocratic philosophers (that is, ancient Greek philosophers who lived prior to Socrates), and we will finish this mini-series of presocratic thinkers with Heraclitus,… Continue Reading “Rivers of Change”

A God Unlike His Creatures

A carving depicting the Greek god Zeus

In today’s Friday Philosophy post we’re looking at another presocratic thinker. Each week we look at one meaningful idea by a philosopher from history, and offer some reflections on that idea. This week the spotlight is on Xenophanes of Colophon and his thoughts about the… Continue Reading “A God Unlike His Creatures”

Reality as Numbers

A blackboard with mathematical equations written in chalk

In this week’s Friday Philosophy post we’re going to stay with the ancient Greeks and look at an idea by a man who we all know from mathematics lessons. Pythagoras of Samos lived around the mid-sixth century BC (we don’t know the exact dates) and… Continue Reading “Reality as Numbers”