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From My Heart, to God

A man on the ground praying

In all honesty, Lord, my main desire in life is to limit suffering as much as possible. I am most concerned with limiting my personal suffering, but I also care for all other sentient beings and don’t want them to suffer either. You have… Continue Reading “From My Heart, to God”

Your Prayers Were Heard

A group of believers huddled together in prayer

Today I am feeling immensely grateful for everyone who responded to my recent request for prayers. I was in a difficult situation with a troublesome neighbour, and I feared he was going to act aggressively and possibly violently towards me (here’s the backstory). By… Continue Reading “Your Prayers Were Heard”

Being Held by God

A scene of a field with the words 'Grace changes everything' over the image

Sometimes, life can be a real struggle. I know that I spent many years searching for peace, as I have reflected upon in my book The Philosophy of a Mad Man which is all about spiritual seeking. I used to immerse myself in eastern philosophy… Continue Reading “Being Held by God”

May God Grant us Peace!

A dock with a river and trees in the background

As I sit alone in my bedroom, I am aware of how quiet this house is at the moment.  It’s a five bedroom property, but three tenants have moved out in recent months and have not yet been replaced.  It is wonderful to be… Continue Reading “May God Grant us Peace!”

Is it possible to be at peace in suffering? A conversation with Gregg

A painting of a person holding their head in pain

Gregg: This quote made me think of you: By realizing Him who is subtler than the subtlest who dwells in the midst of the chaos, who is the Creator of all things and is endowed with many forms, who is the non-dual Pervader of the… Continue Reading “Is it possible to be at peace in suffering? A conversation with Gregg”