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One Creation Under God

Hello everyone. Today is a special day for the UK, as many people celebrate the coronation of our new monarch. I don’t know whether or not King Charles III will be able to sort out the ills of this world, but I sincerely hope he is a prayerful person in private and acts with good conscience. Long live the king.

My own concerns at this present time are my attempts to reach people with the message that there really is a God — one God over all creation — and to share the insights that God has given me surrounding matters of philosophy and religion and the way in which God acts as the sustainer and animator of all things.

God was saying to me recently that if anyone were to take on the task of reading all of my books with an open mind, they would be completely transformed. God says my writing has the potential to change the world for the better. I hope so.

Of course, the world is changing at a rapid pace, and the recent popularity of the message that artificial intelligence is now developing unstoppable abilities is both dangerous and worrying.

I personally cannot see the benefit of giving more and more power to machines, as I made clear in my song Machines Taking Over the World, which I wrote in 2018 with these worries in mind. I am of course not anti-technology, but all things should benefit the worship of God and I’m not certain how AI control over humanity would achieve this.

The goals of humanity should be quite simple. We all need to eat and drink. We each need to be able to express our uniqueness, for the benefit of all. We need to work together as a race with peace in mind. And above all, we need to be dedicated to the worship of God, because this is the primary reason why we were created.

Interfaith dialogue is a pressing concern for our age, and I was disappointed recently that the events I was hoping to organise in London bringing together different faith traditions could not go ahead due to security concerns. Perhaps events will unfold in favour of such activities in the future, I don’t know. What I do know is that God is in control of everything that happens and no one can thwart His will.

Friends, do not be disheartened by the state of the world. We have been gifted the Holy Scriptures which are overflowing with hope and goodness. Let the disbelievers be. Let them be for a while. They will soon see.

By the way, whenever I type ‘King Charles’, I seem to write ‘Kind Charles’ instead — let’s hope this is a good omen! God bless you all and thank you for reading.

Steven Colborne

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Hello, I’m Steven and I’m a philosopher and author based in London. My main purpose as a writer is to encourage discussion about God. I write about a wide variety of subjects related to philosophical theology, including divine sovereignty, the nature of God, suffering, interfaith dialogue and more. My mantra: Truth heals.

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