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Double Predestination

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In the early hours of this morning, I picked up a Bible for the first time in a while and read through the book of Revelation. I suspected before I began reading that I would be drawn back into the Christian worldview, as the… Continue Reading “Double Predestination”

Is Christianity True?

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For the purposes of this article, I take for granted a belief in the perspective of monotheism. Arguments for the existence of God are not the focus of this article, but I have discussed this matter extensively elsewhere on this blog and in my… Continue Reading “Is Christianity True?”

The Confusion of Calvinism (video)

An emphasis on the sovereignty of God is a powerfully attractive element of the theological framework known as Calvinism. However, I believe Calvinist theology suffers from a serious problem, which is the difficulty of trying to hold on to the fundamental Christian belief in… Continue Reading “The Confusion of Calvinism (video)”

Primary and Secondary Causes

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The extent to which we are free to act independently of the will of God is a central concern in Christian theology. I have recently been listening to some Calvinists really struggling to defend a position that to me makes no sense – that… Continue Reading “Primary and Secondary Causes”

What is ‘God’s Decree’?

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The decree of God is a notion I’ve found puzzling since I first heard it while watching Calvinists discussing theology on YouTube. I simply didn’t understand the term. To me, a decree is a kind of command or order. But this didn’t seem to… Continue Reading “What is ‘God’s Decree’?”