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The Confusion of Calvinism (video)

An emphasis on the sovereignty of God is a powerfully attractive element of the theological framework known as Calvinism. However, I believe Calvinist theology suffers from a serious problem, which is the difficulty of trying to hold on to the fundamental Christian belief in… Continue Reading “The Confusion of Calvinism (video)”

What is ‘God’s Decree’?

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The decree of God is a notion I’ve found puzzling since I first heard it while watching Calvinists discussing theology on YouTube. I simply didn’t understand the term. To me, a decree is a kind of command or order. But this didn’t seem to… Continue Reading “What is ‘God’s Decree’?”

The Confusion of Calvinism

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I’m subscribed to the Desiring God mailing list and I often read John Piper answering questions about Christian doctrine from curious believers. While I don’t think that peddling the term ‘Christian Hedonism’ is necessarily helpful, I appreciate Piper’s lengthy ministry, his biblical knowledge, and… Continue Reading “The Confusion of Calvinism”

‘Reformation: A World in Turmoil’ by Andrew Atherstone (book review)

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Quite often, when reading a good book, the thought comes to mind that I would love to read the book again. With this particular book I actually assented to that challenge, and immediately after the first reading I read it from cover to cover… Continue Reading “‘Reformation: A World in Turmoil’ by Andrew Atherstone (book review)”

Calvinism and Predestination

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One of the most important¬†concerns for any Christian is the doctrine¬†of salvation (called “soteriology” by academics). The subject raises important questions: What is salvation? How do I get saved? Can I ever lose my salvation? In this brief article I want to look at… Continue Reading “Calvinism and Predestination”