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The Cosmic Animator

A shot of the universe with Earth in the foreground

Wherever there is activity in the universe, there must be a power that is causing that activity. Even scientists, who are very successful in describing how things happen, generally agree they cannot say why things happen. This is because there is an all-powerful cause… Continue Reading “The Cosmic Animator”

Calvinism and Predestination

A black and white image of John Calvin

One of the most important concerns for any Christian is the doctrine of salvation (called “soteriology” by academics). The subject raises important questions: What is salvation? How do I get saved? Can I ever lose my salvation? In this brief article I want to look at… Continue Reading “Calvinism and Predestination”

Dimensions of Reality

Abstract swirling shapes

It is possible to view reality as though there are two separate dimensions. The first we will call the God dimension, and the second the human dimension (other creatures experience life in their own dimensions). The God dimension represents absolute awareness, which we can… Continue Reading “Dimensions of Reality”

Why my New Book is Important

The painting 'The Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo

I recently published a new book entitled Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion. The book is the follow-up to my 2012 publication The Philosophy of a Mad Man and is available everywhere now. I feel that my new book is an important work for philosophy for a… Continue Reading “Why my New Book is Important”