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The Confusion of Calvinism (video)

An emphasis on the sovereignty of God is a powerfully attractive element of the theological framework known as Calvinism. However, I believe Calvinist theology suffers from a serious problem, which is the difficulty of trying to hold on to the fundamental Christian belief in… Continue Reading “The Confusion of Calvinism (video)”

God’s Grand Game (video)

An image of the galaxy with Earth in the foreground

From a certain perspective, the universe can be seen as a cosmic playground in which all events unfold by the will and creative power of God. This creative work of God, who I believe is animating all events in the eternal present moment, might… Continue Reading “God’s Grand Game (video)”

What is Causing Our Thoughts? (video)

Thought bubbles on a blackboard with a lightbulb

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment in my Deep Thoughts About God series. Today, we’ll be covering the very important (and often overlooked or misunderstood) topic of thought. What is thought? What causes thoughts to arise in our minds? How do our mental… Continue Reading “What is Causing Our Thoughts? (video)”

Types of Sovereignty (video)

A gold crown on a cushion

Greetings! In my discussions with fellow philosophers I have often come across people likening the sovereignty of God to earthly sovereignty. They have done this in an attempt to show that God can be sovereign over the universe and still leave us with certain… Continue Reading “Types of Sovereignty (video)”

The Aseity of God (video)

A photo of a star emitting light into the cosmos

Hi everyone! It’s great to be back with the latest instalment in my Deep Thoughts About God video series. We’re now on the eighth video in the series, would you believe. I hope you’ve been enjoying these videos. Today, we’re looking at the concept… Continue Reading “The Aseity of God (video)”