An image of the galaxy with Earth in the foreground

God’s Grand Game (video)

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From a certain perspective, the universe can be seen as a cosmic playground in which all events unfold by the will and creative power of God. This creative work of God, who I believe is animating all events in the eternal present moment, might be fittingly described as God’s Grand Game.

In this video, the fifteenth in my Deep Thoughts About God series, I explore why I believe in this perspective, and I discuss the implications of God’s attribute of omnipresence for the Christian worldview.

I hope that you enjoyed watching this week’s video. Apologies that the lighting isn’t great, I’m having to use a temporary rig for filming at the moment. Please focus on the philosophy, not the lighting! I hope to return to my proper studio setup very soon.

The book I have written which shares the title of this video (God’s Grand Game) is available here. Thank you for reading and watching, and I’ll see you again soon!