God’s Grand Game (video)

An image of the galaxy with Earth in the foreground

From a certain perspective, the universe can be seen as a cosmic playground in which all events unfold by the will and creative power of God. This creative work of God, who I believe is animating all events in the eternal present moment, might be fittingly described as God’s Grand Game.

In this video, the fifteenth in my Deep Thoughts About God series, I explore why I believe in this perspective, and I discuss the implications of God’s attribute of omnipresence for the Christian worldview.

I hope that you enjoyed watching this video, and if you’d like to leave any feedback or thoughts, the comments are open over on YouTube. The book I have written which shares the title of this video (God’s Grand Game) is available from Amazon as well as a range of other retailers — click this link to see a selection of the most popular outlets.

I’m currently releasing new videos in this series every week, so I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and ring the notification bell to be informed as soon as each new video goes live. If you’re unable (or unwilling!) to view the video, this post is essentially a written version of the video content.

Thank you for reading and watching, and I’ll see you again soon.

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