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Deep Thoughts About God (video series)

Back in March 2019, I released a book entitled God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground, which contains a comprehensive exposition of my philosophical perspective. The book explores the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament with reference to the doctrines of… Continue Reading “Deep Thoughts About God (video series)”

Deep Thoughts About God (series outro)

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Hello everyone! I have made a brief video summarising what I hoped to achieve in my Deep Thoughts About God video series, which is now complete. There are twenty videos in the series, and I hope you have had an opportunity to watch some… Continue Reading “Deep Thoughts About God (series outro)”

What is Causing Our Thoughts? (video)

Thought bubbles on a blackboard with a lightbulb

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment in my Deep Thoughts About God series. Today, we’ll be covering the very important (and often overlooked or misunderstood) topic of thought. What is thought? What causes thoughts to arise in our minds? How do our mental… Continue Reading “What is Causing Our Thoughts? (video)”

The Creativity of God (video)

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If God is omnipresent and sovereign over all events, what does this say about His creativity? That’s the question I answered in my latest Deep Thoughts About God video. Click below to watch the video, and you’re welcome to leave a comment with your… Continue Reading “The Creativity of God (video)”

How Do I Know God Exists? (video)

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Hi friends! In today’s post I’m delighted to bring you the first video in the Deep Thoughts About God video series. There will be a new video in this series every Thursday, and each video relates closely to a chapter in my book God’s… Continue Reading “How Do I Know God Exists? (video)”