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Deep Thoughts About God (video series)

Back in March 2019, I released a book entitled God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground, which contains a comprehensive exposition of my philosophical perspective. The book explores the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament with reference to the doctrines of Christianity and other religions (as well as the scientific worldview) and is the result of more than 10 years of study and reflection.

As I wrote the book, I had in mind that I would like to produce a series of videos to accompany it. I intentionally made the chapters short and punchy, imagining as I wrote them that they would be converted into scripts for short and punchy videos in due course. My intention was always to create a book that works well as a book and a video series that works well as a video series; and that the two would complement one another.

After the release of the book, I focused on filming the video series, which I am delighted to introduce to you here and which I very much hope that you will watch and enjoy. There are twenty videos in the series tackling subjects related to divine sovereignty and free will, as well as intro and outro videos. To get you started, the intro video is embedded below, and you are welcome to watch the entire playlist over on YouTube if this is of interest.

Finally, to pick up a copy of God’s Grand Game, click here.

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Hello, I’m Steven and I’m a philosopher and author based in London. My main purpose as a writer is to encourage discussion about God. I write about a wide variety of subjects related to philosophical theology, including divine sovereignty, the nature of God, suffering, interfaith dialogue and more. My mantra: Truth heals.

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