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God is the Cause of Both ‘Evil’ and ‘Sin’

A hand holding an apple

For today’s post in my Praise and Prose series, I’d like to discuss how our use of language might change in order to reflect the truth that God is in control of everything that happens which Christians (and people of other faiths) describe as… Continue Reading “God is the Cause of Both ‘Evil’ and ‘Sin’”

Hearing from God

What do you do if God tells you something that is in direct contradiction with something that’s taught in the Bible? The Christian might say, “God will never tell you anything that contradicts Biblical theology.” To take this position is to elevate the Bible… Continue Reading “Hearing from God”

Does the Devil have Free Will?

The devil stood above a lake of fire

The Bible is full of references to the devil (also called Satan, Beelzebul, the enemy, the evil one, etc). It would be fair to say that the existence of this being is central to the Christian faith. We learn from the gospels that Jesus,… Continue Reading “Does the Devil have Free Will?”

Prayer to banish evil forces

Jesus and Satan arm-wrestling

Heavenly father, thank you for the great victory over evil that your cross represents. Most merciful Lord, thank you that the cross is the ultimate weapon against my enemies, and that no evil force, treachery, deceit, or malice that would attack this holy temple… Continue Reading “Prayer to banish evil forces”

Everlasting Life

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I have been meditating on the scripture John 3:16 which says “God so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Those two magical words, ‘everlasting life’, what does that… Continue Reading “Everlasting Life”