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Obedience to God vs Obedience to Scripture?

Friends, sometimes in life it’s difficult to understand what God is doing. He is so awesome in power and wisdom and creation is His playground. He does whatever He will and is under no constraints or obligations. God’s ways can seem strange and unfathomable.

I know my post yesterday ruffled a few feathers, so I chose to delete it. I do understand that people of faith can be very passionate about defending holiness and purity, and I used a phrase in my post yesterday that would have been unsettling to some who are grounded in their faith.

I try to always act in accordance with the will of God. Sometimes, God instructs me to do things which are counter-intuitive, and I have to make the difficult decision of whether to be obedient or not. I think it’s always wise to put God first, even above what is written in Scripture. When Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his son, he obeyed God even though it was counter-intuitive. According to the Bible and the Qur’an, God was delighted with Abraham’s obedience.

It is commonly believed that Satan rebelled against God when he was asked to bow down before Adam. Yet he said to God, “because You have put me in the wrong…”. It was God’s will that Satan would rebel against Him. It was part of His plan for creation.

Contrary to what some Christians have told me they believe, it is possible for God to contradict things that are written in Scripture. Surely, God is above Scripture — He created Scripture and defines its meaning. The contents of Scripture does not restrict God in any way.

If you are faced with the choice of whether to obey the voice of God or whether to obey something that is written is Scripture, which do you choose?  I think it’s wise to put God first, though of course God is in control of any obedience or disobedience. That is the truth. 

I wrote nothing yesterday that was out of line with what God has revealed to me about His purposes for my life. God has emphasised to me repeatedly recently that I am free and forgiven, and I believe Him. Even so, I would hate anyone to feel upset or angry towards me. I have nothing I wish to prove and am not interested in arguing with anyone.

My reason for writing is to share philosophical and theological insights. I believe that Truth can liberate and heal people, and I hate suffering and love mercy. Serving God and helping others — these are my overarching motivations.

I’m sorry if you wanted to comment on or ‘Like’ yesterday’s post and were unable to locate the post because it had been deleted. In any case, I only ever approve comments that are kind and courteous in their tone, as I always want my blog to reflect positivity and good will.

The Lord is high above all. Glory be to Him. Amen.

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Hello, I’m Steven and I’m a philosopher and author based in London. My main purpose as a writer is to encourage discussion about God. I write about a wide variety of subjects related to philosophical theology, including divine sovereignty, the nature of God, suffering, interfaith dialogue and more. My mantra: Truth heals.

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