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Don’t Worry, God is a Just Judge

If you’re suffering due to oppression, it can be difficult to hold onto an eternal perspective. This is why I’m always encouraging people to read the Qur’an, because the Scripture is full of warnings about the Day of Judgement. God describes the resurrection and judgement as His ‘binding promise’. God is going to judge every human being for everything they have ever done. God knows the secrets and intentions of every heart.

Of course, we don’t have free will, this is also true. But it’s not necessary for there to be free will in order for God to administer justice, as I have discussed in my book Christianity, Islam and the One True God. I do recommend reading the book, as it contains insights which I think many people would find helpful.

We are living in difficult times, and it can sometimes feel as though everything is against you. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or fear, it’s likely because the actions of somebody are causing this. But you can take comfort in the fact that God keeps a clear record of every wrong and everyone will be subject to judgement for even the tiniest detail of their life. Everything is in a clear record.

Be mindful of God, race to do good deeds, give charitably to the poor and needy, honour your parents, and read the Scriptures. Be quick to repent if you have done wrong — God forgives all sins.

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