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Why ‘3’ means three

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In a recent blog post, I discussed the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and his theory about the existence of a ‘realm of forms’. Plato argued that the reason why we can identify objects as being of a certain kind (or category) is because they… Continue Reading “Why ‘3’ means three”

The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong

I’ve been thinking about the way our thoughts and feelings relate to the external world, and considering the nature of our reactions to external things and how those reactions occur independently of the nature of the objects we perceive. Allow me to elaborate a… Continue Reading “The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong”

Plato’s Realm of Forms

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Following on from last week’s Friday Philosophy post about Socrates, this week we continue our series looking at the big ideas of influential philosophers with Plato. A student of Socrates and founder of what may have been the first school of philosophy, the Academy,… Continue Reading “Plato’s Realm of Forms”