Determinism and the Nature of God (video)

A big bang explosion with stars in the background

Welcome to this week’s episode of my Deep Thoughts About God series. In today’s video, we’ll look briefly at a few of the different types of determinism, considering whether the events that we experience in the present moment can be attributed to a series of physical processes that started with some kind of ‘Big Bang’ event, or whether God has a role in the continued unfolding of the universe.

I hope that you enjoyed watching the video. What are your thoughts concerning determinism and the nature of God? Feel free to leave a comment over on YouTube, and drop a ‘Like’ below if you found this topic interesting.

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The book mentioned in the video, God’s Grand Game, can be purchased here.

In next week’s video we’ll look at a topic which is very much related to determinism, which is the question of whether or not God has foreknowledge of the events that unfold within creation. Thank you for reading/watching, and I’ll see you again soon.

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