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The Madness of Science

Scientific exploration, particularly in the domain of physics, can be summarised as the investigation into¬†what causes what. Hugely influential ideas in the contemporary scientific paradigm, such as evolution, genetics, and the Big Bang theory, all have this methodology at their core. According to my… Continue Reading “The Madness of Science”

Determinism and the Nature of God (video)

A big bang explosion with stars in the background

Welcome to this week’s episode of my Deep Thoughts About God series. In today’s video, we’ll look briefly at a few of the different types of determinism, considering whether the events that we experience in the present moment can be attributed to a series… Continue Reading “Determinism and the Nature of God (video)”

The Clockwork Universe

A close up image of a watch

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post. Today, we’ll be looking at the English scientist Sir Isaac Newton, whose approach to natural philosophy created a revolution, the effects of which are still being felt today. I will offer a brief snapshot of Newton’s life… Continue Reading “The Clockwork Universe”