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Dimensions of Reality

An abstract picture of a head and consciousness

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. Today’s post is another in my Praise and Prose series, which looks at the way we use language to talk about matters of faith and spirituality, and how this language could change in order… Continue Reading “Dimensions of Reality”

The Madness of Science

Scientific exploration, particularly in the domain of physics, can be summarised as the investigation into what causes what. Hugely influential ideas in the contemporary scientific paradigm, such as evolution, genetics, and the Big Bang theory, all have this methodology at their core. According to my… Continue Reading “The Madness of Science”

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future

A red alarm clock standing on grass with daisies

A popular idea within the scientific community is that what happens in the present moment is the result of a chain of causes and effects. This deeply ingrained idea is what prompted scientists to come up with the ‘Big Bang’ theory — the idea… Continue Reading “Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future”

Free Will

A man on a hilltop reaching out his arms with an open expanse before him

Have you ever wondered about the distinction between the things that you are doing, and the things that are simply ‘happening’? Let us look at this distinction in terms of our common experience. As I write this sentence, I would say certain things are… Continue Reading “Free Will”