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Dimensions of Reality

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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. Today’s post is another in my Praise and Prose series, which looks at the way we use language to talk about matters of faith and spirituality, and how this language could change in order to better reflect reality.

In my last post in this series, I discussed the primary and secondary causes of events, and proposed that the primary cause of our actions is God, and the secondary cause is creaturely activity. I argued that God is in complete control of both the primary and secondary causes of all events, and that there is therefore no freedom in our actions at all.

Today, I’d like to write briefly about the related issue of what I call ‘Dimensions of Reality’. This is a difference in perception that I believe makes the awareness of human beings distinct from the awareness of God. One caveat is that I can only speculate as to how God experiences reality from the thoughts and insights He has given me, so I am not certain about this. But I will present the theory for your consideration.

In my 2013 book entitled Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion, I wrote a chapter explaining my vision concerning the different dimensions of reality, and rather than needlessly repeating or paraphrasing, I will link to a blog post in which I featured that chapter.

To read the the post, click here.

The connection I would like to make between my last post and this one is that primary causes happen in the God dimension (and God, I believe, has omniscient awareness), and secondary causes happen in the creaturely dimension (which is restricted by our senses).

In tomorrow’s post, I will talk about how primary and secondary causes and dimensions of reality can be reflected in the language we use to talk about matters of faith and spirituality, thus bringing the discussion back to my stated aim for this series.

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