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What Motivates You to Write?

I was recently pondering the question: Why do I write? I really wanted to understand my motivations and check that they were good. I realised I am motivated by a few different things. Above all, I love helping people to draw closer to God, because being in relationship with God is the greatest blessing there is. I aim with my writing to share insights that point to truths about God and my hope is that these insights will resonate with people and enable them to grow in their own relationship with God. I hope this is a positive motivation.

I have a desire to reach more people with my writing. Why is this? I don’t particularly like the idea of being famous, so it can’t be that. I think it’s more about leaving a legacy. I want to impact the lives of as many people as possible in a positive way, and that will be my legacy. I suppose it’s a selfish motivation in a sense, because I am hungry for God’s favour and feel that by helping others I am benefiting myself, as helping others is what God asks me to do. So I want to please God and be favoured by Him. I also just love seeing people happy because the happiness of others makes me happy. If other people love my writing, their joy sparks joy in me! So I suppose there is a desire for love and connection behind my writing as well.

Am I motivated by financial greed? Well, I would love to make a full-time income from my writing. I have never wanted to live in a big house or own a fast car, but I would love the freedom of being able to pay for my basic needs using money from sales of my books. So I am motivated by money to an extent. Money isn’t the driving force behind my writing but it is perhaps a driving force behind my promotional efforts and is a reason why I seek to reach more people. I’ll leave you to decide whether or not this is a good motivation!

Clarity. That’s definitely something that motivates me. I want to present thoughts in a way that is clear. I want to write about things that are deep and true in a way that shatters falsehood. This is something that gives me a thrill. Why does it give me a thrill? Is it because I like to sound clever? No, I think it’s because the truth is liberating and it thrills me to think my words might help set someone free from mistaken beliefs they hold so that they can enjoy more freedom. I have been on a healing journey myself and I want others to be healed by the things I have learned. I hope this is a positive motivation.

Let me throw this over to you! Think deeply about it. What motivates you to write? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts! ✍🏻

12 responses to “What Motivates You to Write?”

  1. Depending on WHAT I’m writing. I’ve written copy for a living. I’ve written to get out some emotion or other. I’ve written for entertainment, to let the creative juices flow. I SHARE such writings because sometimes I hope that my words may touch another person and spark creativity or else help them not feel alone. I sometimes share to entertain.

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    1. And a great writer you are! Your comment demonstrates just how many different motivations we can have. Thanks, Tara! 😊

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      1. Absolutely! Thanks Steven.

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  2. I write with the hopes that someone else will be able to identify with my work and feel less alone in what they’re going through. Reading the thoughts and experiences of others has helped me get through difficult times over the years and helped me better understand myself. I hope to do the same for others.

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    1. A perfect and beautiful motivation. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. A few things that motivate me to write:
    1. Clarity. It helps me make sense of things in my head. Get organized.
    2. Connection. I love to connect people to new and excellent music.
    3. Legacy. I want my words, my life, my thoughts to outlive my own existence on this earth.
    4. Some intrinsic push/pull to write…I guess in a lot of ways it’s the way I was wired to best communicate. Without over spiritualizing it, I feel compelled by God to write.

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    1. Awesome, Josh! Thanks for sharing. That’s not over-spiritualizing in my view, I wish people talked more in terms of their relationship with God, this is all too often neglected in our conversations!

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  4. My writing motivation comes from the Lord. I share my faith to encourage believers and plant seeds of faith in unbelievers. I do also share recipes because I love to cook. Pretty simple. Thanks Steven!

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    1. I personally enjoy your recipe posts especially. And I understand and appreciate your desire to serve God and share your faith. Thanks for sharing, Meghan!

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      1. Thank you, Steven!

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  5. Awesome 👌
    Thank you for this piece.
    I write to fulfil my purpose on earth of reaching out to as many people as possible through teachings of God, sharing skills and more.
    Let’s connect 🤗

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    1. Sounds great, Julie! Thanks for sharing 😊

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