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Praise Be to God Alone

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The Lord reigns! He is perfect in all of His ways. When we face great trials, the Lord is faithful to those who are mindful of Him, who pray to Him and do good deeds. Thanks be to God!

The Lord provides abundantly for whoever He will. It may feel like your enemies surround you, but God surrounds us all. God will not let evil prevail over good. What an amazing Truth!

The Lord likes repentance and a humble heart. He is most forgiving and merciful — the ever-relenting. God has not left human beings without guidance concerning what pleases Him. We can all access His revelations!

Be mindful of God, as much as you can. Be kind, pray, and give. No good deed, small or large, will be unaccounted for by God, and nor will any wicked deed.

God loves a heart of gratitude! Count your many blessings and give God all the praise. Those on the surest footing are those who put God first in their lives!

You may find comfort in friends and family, but on the Day of Judgement you will face God alone. Don’t delay in getting right with God!

Some are boastful and think they can dismiss God’s revelations because they know better. No indeed, you will be judged for every single word you have ever spoken.

God’s power is something to be feared. We should not assume we are guaranteed God’s mercy. He has the power and the knowledge to decide!

Glory be to God, the Lord of all worlds! He is far above whatever they join with Him. He alone created the heavens and the earth, and every creature is subject to Him!

As for me, I fear a Day of widespread woes. I will be raised and my record of deeds will be spread open. Lord God Almighty, please forgive my sins and give me an easy reckoning on the Day of Judgement!

The Lord is mighty and greatly to be feared. Praise be to God alone!