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When You do the Wrong Thing

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As people of faith, our moral conduct is central to our lives. We want to always act in a way that is good in the sight of God, because we know God has all power and is able to judge with severity.

Today, I did the wrong thing. I made a mistake in my moral conduct. It was not something serious, though God takes note of everything we do, and the severity of our sins is a matter for God to judge. We all have a conscience, and when we do something wrong, we can feel it in our spirit.

Of course, we all sin and fall short — it is part of human nature. The Abrahamic Scriptures are full of descriptions of the human tendency to sin. These same Scriptures also highlight the need for repentance, and that God is most forgiving and most merciful.

Everything that happens in existence is under God’s control, and I do find it comforting to know that when I have made mistakes, I couldn’t have done things any other way — it was the will of God. But the Scriptures are emphatic about the fact that God judges sin, even while being in control of all our sinful actions. Sin is part of the way God unfolds the story of creation.

I said sorry to God for my transgression today, and I’m grateful to Him that He has given me a character that recognises sin and is willing to repent. I hope that God will blot out my transgressions and grant me His mercy on the day of judgment — a day which according to Scripture will inevitably come.


    1. Hello Graham! You didn’t say what it is about the statement that you don’t understand, but my guess is that you don’t believe God is in control of everything that happens, which is something I believe strongly. In my understanding, everything that happens does so by the will of God. He is in control of all activity in creation, which includes human activity.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Tara! Repentance is an important part of being right with God. But as you say, it takes humility; admitting that we need to do things God’s way and not our own way. Peace be with you!

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