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Paperback copies of ‘One True God’

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Friends, I recently received paperback copies of my new book and I am delighted with them, they turned out really well! It has to be the most exciting part of being an author — when you get your hands on the first physical copies of a newly published book that you’ve worked hard to make as meaningful and as appealing as possible.

Above is the paperback version, but there’s also a hardcover edition which I haven’t seen yet. As many of you know, I’m on a very tight budget so have only been able to order a few paperbacks for now.

I made this book, as well as all my other books, free in their eBook editions and have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have downloaded a copy. If you’d like to get a copy of the book, either a physical copy (Amazon only) or a free digital copy, you can see a retailer choice page by clicking this link.

I am planning to post a general life update soon so ‘stay tuned’ for that!

As always, thank you for your interest in my work. God bless you.