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For Help with Meditation

Over the years, I have recommended things from time to time on this blog that might help some readers to live happier lives.

Today I wanted to recommend a wonderful meditation app called Headspace. The app has simple but effective guided meditations, playlists of relaxing music, wind down exercises, and more.

The process of following the daily exercises in the app has been transformative for me. Meditation is simply about being more present and more mindful, but this in itself can drastically improve our lives.

There is a monthly fee for the app but there is also a free trial, so no obligation to part with any money. Do search ‘Headspace’ in the App Store if you’d like to try what is possibly the best app I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

A brief personal update – today, I picked up the keys to my flat, but it is by no means certain that I will go back there as I am exploring other options. Meditation is helping me to avoid stressing too much as I navigate the complexities of the housing system.

Love and blessings to you!

2 responses to “For Help with Meditation”

  1. Another wonderful free app is Insight Timer. There are so many choices for whatever you are feeling or going through and so many different leaders. They do ask for donations but there is no pressure. I use this app every day!

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    1. Thanks for the tip! Will defo take a look 😊


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