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God Keeps a Clearly Written Record

I suppose I could vent about the mental health system and the way I’ve been treated during this admission. However, such an expression of bitter feelings would be unhelpful and unnecessary.

God knows the thoughts of every heart and in the Qur’an He says that if all the trees in the world were pens, and all the oceans ink, this would not be enough ink and pens to contain God’s words, even if more oceans besides were added.

When I experience anger and frustration, I try to let these feelings go as quickly as possible, safe in the knowledge that God will administer perfect justice on Judgement Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sinner just as much as anyone else, but I do strive to be a good person, to be mindful of God, to do good deeds and repent when I go astray, to be charitable and to treat others well. According to the Qur’an, these are God’s requirements of us.

I realise the orthodox Christian perspective is in certain respects different. You don’t need to reiterate the Gospel to me. But beware of rejecting the Qur’an, especially without having read it – truly, it is light and guidance for all people and an unparalleled revelation in this particular creation.

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