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A Beautiful Exchange

Greetings, friends, and glory to God! The title of this article is a reference to a wonderful worship song we used to sing at Hillsong Church London, but today I’m going to take the phrase out of that context and try to persuade you to to participate in a different kind of exchange.

The exchange I’m referring to is actually a request for help, but one for which I pray you will be rewarded, should you wish to participate.

As I near discharge from hospital, I’m thinking about how life will be back in the community. I’m on an extremely tight budget (being out of work and having been in hospital for over three months) and am anticipating I will be spending a lot of time out and about, if things are unsafe in my accommodation. This means getting food and other essentials will be more expensive.

You can help me with my financial hardship by considering buying a copy of one of my books. I poured a great deal of time and effort into all my books, and I feel they offer great value for anyone interested in philosophy and religion.

So the exchange is this: In return for purchasing one of my books, you get a great read and also the knowledge that you have helped me with financial hardship. God loves a cheerful giver and I hope He will bless you if you choose to support me in this way.

By all means, say a prayer about this if you are feeling unsure, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that didn’t feel right, and of course there’s no pressure or compulsion in this opportunity.

The best place to buy my books is via my eBook store at, which is a mobile-friendly store in which you can find all sixteen of the books I’ve written. I have never published any book before doing my best to make it an insightful and engaging read.

Should you not want to spend any money, you can download my book Thanks Be To God: A Selection of Christian Scriptures for Spiritual Seekers for free from the eBook store, today only.

All purchases from the store can be read on virtually any device and you can begin reading immediately. My store is connected to BookFunnel’s technical support so rest assured you can get help if you encounter any technical issues.

At the very least, please have a browse and see whether any of my books entice you! You can click here to visit the store. Thank you for your time and God bless you.

Steven Colborne

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Hello, I’m Steven and I’m a philosopher and author based in London. My main purpose as a writer is to encourage discussion about God. I write about a wide variety of subjects related to philosophical theology, including divine sovereignty, the nature of God, suffering, interfaith dialogue and more. My mantra: Truth heals.

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