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What can we learn from Lazarus?

A painting of Lazarus and the rich man

Being out of psychiatric hospital and living back in the community is a real blessing.   I am lucky to have a roof over my head in a nice house with friendly housemates and a clean bright room, praise God! As I settle into my… Continue Reading “What can we learn from Lazarus?”

Prayer for Housing

A row of houses

O most merciful Lord, you are my shelter. Your love surrounds my thoughts and houses my heart. When the storms arrive, your promises protect me. Your salvation is the bed where I lay my head. Above all, heavenly father, I seek spiritual peace, but… Continue Reading “Prayer for Housing”

Living in Psychiatric Hospital

This hospital is effectively my home. I eat here, sleep here, wash here, brush my teeth here – these are the kinds of things that define our home, are they not? Oh, and of course there is the yang of the situation, which is… Continue Reading “Living in Psychiatric Hospital”