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TUCOAG Opening Prayer Idea

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What follows is an idea for a prayer that could begin a service in a new multi-faith church of the future (The Universal Church of Almighty God).

We are assembled today in the presence of Almighty God, the one true God of all the religions of planet Earth.

Lord, please help us to look beyond our differences and worship you in unity, love, and peace.

[all kneel]

As we bow humbly at your feet, Lord God, Allah, Brahman, we call upon the great prophets of Earth, Muhammad (peace be upon him), Abraham, Moses, Jesus (known to many as the Son of God), and all the prophets and saints and the whole heavenly host, to hear our prayers and bless us with their divine wisdom and love today.

Almighty God, you are infinitely strong, wise, and powerful, and we are lowly, weak, and frail. Lord, have mercy on our souls. We, your faithful believers, are terrified of your anger, and above all we beg you for mercy and peace.

We humbly call upon the power of your spirit to fill this place today and to guide us as we seek to glorify your holy name.

If it pleases you, Lord, and if you are willing, please make this church, and our planet, places of friendship and brotherly love, rather than conflict and hatred. Most merciful God, please take away our anger, our pain, and our selfishness, and make us strong in our love for you, as we thank you for everything always, and we say together…