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A Song

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Hello, friends. I’m sat alone in a park in the shade. Earlier I was having a tea (ginger and lemongrass, try it!) and I updated some lyrics to a song I wrote many years ago. I thought I would share them here.

Every day is like today

It makes him sad that he’s this way

He can’t express, he’s all a mess

He’s in that awful place again

He tries, tries so hard to be wise

But the truth is lost in lies

And spirits haunt the depths of his soul

He fears he’ll never be free.

In the end, it’s up to God

Who has the whole world in His hands,

And all the stars, and all the lands,

He changes fates with just a nod,

With mercy, grace, He breaks every chain,

One day, we all will be free.

©️Steven Colborne 2022