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Sin and Suffering

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One of the reasons why the Psalms are revered as sacred Scripture in all three of the major Abrahamic religions is because they are highly relatable.

King David, who wrote the majority of the Psalms found in most Bibles, went through some serious challenges and some serious suffering.

I have never met anyone who expresses the highs and lows of a special calling with the degree of sincerity and transparency as King David. Also, his poetic style is highly evocative, even in English translations.

What strikes me personally about David is that despite being a leader, presumably commanding thousands of soldiers, his laments to God are very personal. He writes about the guilt over sin that he experiences in such a way as to never attribute responsibility to others. This is truly remarkable and inspiring.

When we face regrets and guilt over sin, we can always find reassurance and guidance in the Psalms, because whatever depths of despair we are going through, David understands, to a great extent.

Thanks be to God for the Psalms, which are undoubtedly some of the most blessed writings God has given to humankind in recent history.