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The Bible and the Qur’an

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Both the Bible and the Qur’an are considered to be sacred Scripture by billions of people collectively. But how should one discern which Scripture to read and reflect upon?

The answer is very simple: read both. Not only is there much in common between the two, it’s simply conscientious to have an understanding of both.

The Bible is a collection of writings related to the religions of Judaism and Christianity. The Qur’an is a divine revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad, revealed for all people and revered by Muslims.

In terms of the Bible, I recommend the English Standard Version as a good translation. In terms of the Qur’an, I recommend Abdel Haleem’s ‘Oxford World’s Classics’ transliteration as a great English version.

Do not be afraid of reading the sacred Scriptures, even if the Bible or the Qur’an feel alien to you. Both Scriptures provide instruction and guidance concerning how we can please God.

My own books, if you’re interested, provide insight into the philosophy of religion, and I recommend my compilation ’Puppets’ as a great place to start. The compilation is available from Amazon and elsewhere.

Do not delay in studying both the Bible and the Qur’an. Both Scriptures describe a Day of Judgement, so it’s vitally important to read their teachings and ask God which path is right for you. Thanks be to God.