Comments Policy

(Updated 4th December 2020)

The posts published on this blog can provoke strong reactions, because I often share thoughts that are unusual and/or challenging. While most of the people who comment on Perfect Chaos are polite and friendly, there are sometimes comments which are inconsiderate or unkind. For this reason, I now moderate comments for every post, and if the subject matter of a post is especially controversial, I sometimes close comments entirely.

Comments from readers are an essential part of what makes this blog interesting to visitors. The blog has been active since 2012, and there have been hundreds of lengthy discussions in the comments covering a wide range of philosophical and theological perspectives.

I tend to be rather guarded in the way I approve comments these days, as I am seeking to ensure the content people see when they visit remains friendly, encouraging, and loving, as this contributes to people having a positive experience with the blog. As the readership of the blog has grown, I have found it necessary to be more intentional in facilitating the kind of friendly atmosphere I want the blog to always have.

If you discover one of your comments was deleted, please don’t take this to be a personal attack. It’s always possible that I misunderstood your meaning. But please respect the fact that moderating comments is a hard job and I feel I must sometimes be strict in order to protect the blog and also my own sanity.

Your comment is likely to be approved if it is concise, well written, and kind. If you open up a ‘can of worms’ with your comment (i.e. if you are looking to enter in a lengthy philosophical or theological discussion) then your comment is less likely to be approved, because I have found these types of comment often have nefarious motivations, rather than a genuine desire to understand and engage with the content of a post. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but this blog is not a counselling service, and I expect people to behave in a mature way.

As a free spirit myself, I couldn’t care less if a comment I leave on someone’s blog gets deleted because the moderator has deemed it unsuitable. In the same way, if you leave a comment on Perfect Chaos, you must respect my right to act as a moderator, which is a role that I take seriously and endeavour to carry out to the best of my ability. I don’t always get it right, but I do my best.

Thank you for your interest in my blog.