‘Tell Everyone Now’ by Steven Colborne

Tell Everyone Now by Steven Colborne (cover art)

Tell Everyone Now is a solo album I released in 2018 and marks the culmination of the T.E.N. Project. The project involved me recording ten songs over ten months in my home studio in South London.

The album is diverse but most of the tracks are groovy electro-rock songs with big riffs and thoughtful lyrics.

As a taster of the album, below are 30 second samples of every track:

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Marconi’s Voodoo

If heavy metal is more your style, I’d like to share with you some recordings by a band I used to be in for many years. I started the band along with some school friends when we were in our late teens at secondary school in Oxfordshire, and we continued to make music through my time at university in London and beyond. We were a three-piece band; I played guitar and sang backing vocals, and we had a bassist/lead vocalist, and a drummer.

We drew influence from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine and The Wildhearts; all of which were making music with big fat riffs and incredible energy. We were very theatrical, crafting our own costumes which we wore on stage, and we were generally known for our energetic live shows as well as our powerful riff-infused rock music.

One of our accomplishments was winning a competition in Kerrang! magazine to support a band named Farse on a selection of UK tour dates, which was an amazing experience. We went into the studio quite a few times and released a few EPs, though never an album. Here, I’ve compiled 10 of our best recordings into an album, which I’ve titled ‘Revolution’, though it’s important to point out that these recordings were never officially released as an album. I hope you enjoy the songs, and scroll down for a live photo!

Marconi's Voodoo live photo