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Being Called to Celibacy

The first thing to point out is that it is indeed an honour to do the will of the divine, even if that means making sacrifices. Amen.

When Jesus suffered in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights, he was acting out a sacred part of history, and celibacy is a small calling compared to that kind of suffering.

I will, from now on, only have sex for the purposes of procreation, which means no contraception and no “self-pleasing” if you understand my meaning.

No doubt there will be times when my resolve will be tested, but I was intentionally celibate for a year in the past, despite having a girlfriend, so I know it is possible.

I am very grateful to the divine for this honour, which to me signifies a spiritual calling. How things will pan out I cannot be sure, but if my humble life is pleasing to the divine mind then I am truly and deeply thankful.

I am also happy to wait until I am married before having children. Not being a Christian any longer, I am unsure of the kind of marriage or marriages I will have, but I will pray about it, and we shall see.

What are your views on sex before marriage and unprotected sex?

One response to “Being Called to Celibacy”

  1. Interesting Steven how people can come across kindred spirits at similer times. I have been pondering should I give myself totally to God. Yet this is also doing what is right for me, in the sense I no longer live, yet Christ ives in me. When I abstain from sexual activity, – and I know a young hindu couple who live near me here in Luton and have been good enough to take me to visit the large holy site near Watford;and they only have had sex to produce their two children. The point I have been pondering is this. Now a woman if she has sex or not will mentsrate once a month, usually, unless pregnant or past her menapause? As a man when I abstain from sex even when I am not in a relationship, after awhile I have a dream that is remembered or not and I awake having ejaculated whilst asleep. I did think, well perhaps this is God will and God will often speak to us using dreams.
    Because I have two teenage sons yet are no longer married and also have an elderly mother who relies on my help at least two times a week, I cannot take monastic orders. Also having done a retreat at a monestry in scotland, I am not sure following any abbot would be something I would be able to do. Also st Francis was the 1st Franciscan and apparantly, he made his habit from one of his sisters coat. I follow Christ and yet have not only christian saints whos teachings I learn from, nor for that matter just people. Jesus often taught using all of Gods creation, because He once looked when in unity and having created time and space and saw it was good.
    Do you think as I do, that the Buddha also walked the way Jesus did and maybe Lao tzu ?
    I like the idea of using a symbol of the cross with the yin yang sign at the intersecion, maybe with other sybols for Gods religions nailed on it, a Jesus was nailed to the cross.
    I have a few hats, but every time I see the picture of you in that hat I think to myself, Peter, you like that shaped hat, go to the market and see if they have one!
    Best wishes, your bro Peter


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