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Making Sacrifices

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There are times when, in the furtherment of the divine cause, we have to make sacrifices.

We are human beings with real emotions, and we are empathic creatures, which means we feel each others’ pain.

Sometimes, if someone around us is going through some challenging emotional experiences, we will pick up on that, and feel what they are feeling, through empathy.

In this situation, our personal sense of space and freedom may be compromised. We might have to “lie low” for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, until the emotional disturbance has passed.

During these times, it is important not to become the victim. We must keep a clear head and a clear heart, carry on, say a prayer, and believe in our personal goals and the divine plan for our lives.

Everything that happens in the entire universe is an expression of the divine will, and to acknowledge that is to have faith.

In times of trouble, why not say a prayer asking that everything might unfold in accordance with the divine will?

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