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He’s Just a Prayer Away

If you’ve never been to Westminster Cathedral in London, I would highly recommend a visit. It’s a beautiful building, filled with the presence of God. And it’s very peaceful, so a great place to pray.

Last year I visited the cathedral with a friend, who went into the cathedral shop and bought me a small gift. The gift was a little card with a poem on it. It’s a simple and beautiful poem, and today I’d like to share it with you for your encouragement.

Here’s the poem:

No matter what your troubles are
no difference large or small
each upset that may come your way
each time you slightly fall

The smallest fear you’ve ever had
is always known by God
each step you’ve walked he’s counted
on every road you’ve trod

So never feel that you’re alone
when shadows cloud your day
but speak His name and you will see
He’s just a prayer away.

Isn’t that beautiful? I’m always on the lookout for inspiring poetry about God, so if you know of any inspiring Christian poems please leave them (or a link to them) in the comments below. Thanks for reading and may God bless you.

One response to “He’s Just a Prayer Away”

  1. Dinos Constantinou avatar
    Dinos Constantinou

    Thank you Steven! It was a pleasant poem about God but no mention of Christ. Let’s hope that some of your readers find poems that do.

    In Christ, Saviour of all mankind,



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