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The Pioneer School

I want to introduce you to the best resource I’ve found for people who have a genuine desire to understand Christianity and who Jesus is. This resource will be very helpful for Christians at every stage in their spiritual journey, as well as for non-believers with an interest in Christ.

I came across this teaching through The Last Reformation movement. You may have heard me mention this movement in a previous post. It is a vibrant and rapidly growing move of the Holy Spirit in our time, and focuses on a return to authentic Biblical Christianity and the kind of discipleship we read about in the book of Acts.

If this interests you, the best starting point is the movie The Last Reformation – The Beginning which you can watch for free on YouTube here. This will give you a sound understanding of what the movement is about. When you have watched this, I recommend working your way through The Pioneer School, which is a series of free YouTube training videos led by Torben Søndergaard.

The series sheds light on many key biblical topics, including baptism, the Holy Spirit, casting out demons, fasting, and a whole lot more. There are a total of 24 lessons, most of which are between one and two hours long. Yes, that’s a big investment of your time, but I believe it is well worth it. I have just finished episode 15 but am planning to complete the course in the coming weeks.

The Pioneer School video series does not feature a highly technical production, but it is obviously very well thought out and the teaching is presented in a clear and accessible way. Try not to judge this book by its cover, because it’s all about the content, and I believe if you stick with it you will be transformed and receive many revelations about what it means to follow Jesus.

For the latest videos and other posts from Torben Søndergaard, “like” his Facebook page which can be found here or visit The first video in the Pioneer School training series can be viewed here.

5 responses to “The Pioneer School”

  1. Yes, sure it is. I had a “well known” ‘ahaa moment’. Everything I always believed in was in that movie. It was so strong that I asked if I could pray for the mother of my father in law, when we were visiting them. and me and my wife just saw the video.

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    1. Hi Tim! Yes I’ve been reading about your healing adventures! Great stuff, praise God 🙂

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      1. Thanks Steven! I like your posts too!
        About TLR and “stepping out”… there is more to come. I really hope that it can motivate some people to do “the same” / “stepping out”. Cause by the stories/videos of Torben& other disciples (following Torben’s example) I’ve been doing the same thing and … it works! But just like “being a good fisherman” requires a lot of practise, we will learn more and more as we “step out” more often. Be blessed Steven!


        1. Yes you’re right Tim, we are always learning. I remember Torben saying that when he started praying for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit not much happened, but the more he tried, the more success he had.

          What happened to the girl that you were going to baptise? If I missed that blog post feel free to post a link as I would like to know what happened 🙂


  2. (Sorry for my bad English, it went before I knew). …. wel, she got healed. With tears in her eyes she said that “now” she knew why she had to come. Later me and my wife saw the 24 lessons of the pioneerschool. After seeing lesson 4 or 5 I went to the shoppingmal myself to pray for people… you can read about my adventures on my blog “”.
    I believe this is “life changing”.


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