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Blog Tour (Day 1): A Perennial Follower

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The God’s Grand Game blog tour kicks off today with my good friend and amazing blogger, David Robertson. This is the perfect way to start the blog tour because David has read the book closely and considered the ideas presented in the book with intelligence and depth of understanding. If you’re considering buying the book, read David’s article for an insightful introduction!

Read David Robertson’s ‘God’s Grand Game’ article

In his article, David presents an excellent overview of my theological perspective, drawing upon his own knowledge of different spiritual traditions as he considers the ideas that are discussed in God’s Grand Game.

I highly recommend not only reading the article but also subscribing to David’s blog if you aren’t already linked up with him โ€” his blog is among my favourites and you need only take a look at a few of his posts to see why I’m such a big fan of his work.

Thank you, David, for taking part in the blog tour!

Interested in buying a copy of God’s Grand Game? The book is available in a range of formats from a range of popular retailers (including Amazon). The link below has all the details.

Buy God’s Grand Game

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next instalment of the blog tour. Until then, I hope you enjoy David’s article and have a wonderful day!

Peace and blessings,

Steven x


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