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Blog Tour (Day 4): Retrospective Lily

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Hi folks! I’ve been very excited about today’s post. We’re now on Day 4 of the blog tour and all the articles this week have been super. If you’ve missed any of the posts thus far, you can catch up here.

Today’s instalment — an interview I did for the fabulous Retrospective Lily — provided a wonderful opportunity for me to talk about the key themes in God’s Grand Game and also talk a bit about the spiritual experiences that have contributed to my worldview.

Lily’s questions frankly blew me away. She took the time to really understand the key themes of my book, and asked what are probably the best interview questions I’ve ever been asked. So enough preamble, please click the link below to read Lily’s piece!

Read the interview I did for Lily Pierce of ‘Retrospective Lily’

What did you think of the interview? Feel free to leave a comment below (or on Lily’s blog), and if you like Lily’s style, be sure to subscribe to her blog for quality weekly content about faith, classic works of literature, living with a disability, and a whole lot more!

That’s a wrap for this week. The blog tour will be having the weekend off, but I’ll be back on Monday with the next episode, which will be a review by the inspirational blogger Faith Okpoyo of Faith’spen.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can click the link below to avail yourself of a copy of God’s Grand Game in a choice of formats from a range of popular retailers. If you’ve got some leisure time this weekend, may I suggest this would be a marvellous way to fill it?

Buy God’s Grand Game

If you’ve already purchased a copy, I hope you’ve been enjoying the book! If you liked it, and feel like leaving a positive review on the relevant retailer’s website (or on your blog), that would be a great help! No pressure though — to know you’ve read the book is more than enough to make me incredibly grateful.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend — see you Monday! 🙂

Steven x