God’s Control of Mental States (video)

A blue and a red face in silhouette

Hi everyone! In this week’s Deep Thoughts About God video I discuss what some of the more unusual experiences I’ve had in my mental health journey have taught me about God’s relationship with the human mind. I also talk a bit about how experimenting with some illicit substances (a long time ago!) made me see the nature of the human mind in a different way.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Have you ever had an experience which made you think differently about the way the human mind works? Comments are open over on YouTube so feel free to share your thoughts, and consider subscribing to my channel for new videos in this series every Thursday.

Next week we’ll continue to explore the relationship between God and the human mind with a video focusing on what I call ‘modes of mind’. In that video we’ll look at the nature of personality and character and how these might be more fluid and less tangible than we sometimes imagine. Thanks so much for reading/watching and I’ll see you again very soon.

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