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I would appreciate it if…

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We shouldn’t say “I would appreciate it if you’d do the washing up”, because that is making a factual statement about the future, when in reality the future is uncertain, and you will only appreciate it if God brings to your body and mind feelings of appreciation in the future, which you can by no means be certain of, because the future is unwritten.

Events only happen on a particular occasion if God wills them to, and God can will things to go in whichever way He pleases, having, as He does, infinite possibilities available to Him in any given moment. God is sovereign over all events, which He actively animates in the eternal present moment.

Instead, then, we should say, “If you do the washing up, I may experience appreciation, and if I do, that will be a pleasant feeling, so please do the washing up”. That statement would be logical and truthful.

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