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A Short Q and A with Lara Oztekin

Hello friends! I was browsing on Etsy last week because I wanted to find a print to brighten up the desk area in my bedroom. I hadn’t been browsing for long and I spotted some really beautiful artwork depicting plants. I was drawn to the incredible attention to detail. I decided to order a print from the artist, Lara, and the print arrived today. I was really touched by the (again) attention to detail, both on the artwork itself and the way it was packaged and presented.

I asked Lara if she would be up for answering a few questions about her artwork on this blog, and she was kind enough to agree. This is her first ever interview and she wondered whether her answers were too short, but I think they are great. So, let me introduce to you… Lara Oztekin!

1) Your surname is quite unusual, can you tell us a bit about your background?

My surname actually comes from my father’s side as I am half Turkish! I grew up in Turkey till I was 6 years old and then moved to the UK.

2) This is a philosophy blog, as I know you know! Could you tell us about the philosophy behind your artwork, and what inspires you?

My artwork is inspired by all things nature and my love for house plants and home decor. I like to keep my home space light and airy by being surrounded by nature as it gives me a fresh and clear mind. By trying to incorporate both vibrant and calm colours into my paintings, I try to spread a peaceful yet playful vibe through my artwork. 

3) How have you been staying busy and creative during the lockdown/s?

Having started up my small business during the first lockdown, this is a new venture which has given me a great outlet to put my creative ideas and time into. As this is still new to me, I am constantly learning new things about creativity and business related skills so this has really kept me occupied during this strange time.

4) Where can people find your work?

My design socials are @laraoztekindesigns on Instagram and Facebook and then to purchase my art prints and greeting cards, head to my Etsy page.

Folks, I don’t need to do anything to sell this artwork to you, because it speaks for itself. If you feel like supporting a small business run by a lovely caring individual, Lara’s store might be a good place to start your Christmas shopping, or just to treat yourself, as I did. Lara’s Christmas card designs are beautiful, well worth a look! Thanks, Lara, for agreeing to be interviewed and for showing kindness along with your creativity.

4 responses to “A Short Q and A with Lara Oztekin”

  1. Beautiful work. Thanks for the share!

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    1. Thanks for reading / viewing Jenny!


  2. Glad to see you spotlight a small artist! I love Etsy. 🙂

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    1. How do you know she’s small? Kidding! 😊 Etsy is great. I sent you a message on Instagram, check your Retro account 😊


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