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Introducing my Book: Big Ideas from Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece is widely regarded as the birthplace of Western philosophy. Many of the ideas expounded by the philosophers of that day went on to shape modern scientific and philosophical thought — everything from atomic theory to speculations about the afterlife.

In this short book, released in 2019, I shine the spotlight on 12 of the most important figures from antiquity, sizing up Socrates and analysing Aristotle, and offering a contemporary theological perspective on some of the most amazing philosophical ideas of all time.

The book explores fascinating questions such as:

Is everything made of water?
Do ideas exist in reality?
What are God’s attributes?
Can we really know anything?

… and many more!

Whether you’re a seasoned philosopher or just a curious amateur, there’s plenty in this book to get readers excited about the subject of philosophy.

To view the artwork for the book and a brief synopsis of the content, view this PDF.

The book is available to purchase in paperback and Kindle formats exclusively from Amazon.


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