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God will get you through it

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Are you suffering? Are you doubting whether God has your life under control? Are you doubting the goodness of God?

Don’t doubt the goodness of God. Can not the being who simply says ‘be’ and it is, put things right in an instant, if He wishes? Will not the creator of the sun and the moon and the earth unfold your life with wisdom and care? Why would God create you if He didn’t have a purpose for you?

Don’t doubt the goodness of God.

Have you been labouring to please Him? Are you always keen to do what is right? Do you think God doesn’t see your striving and your suffering? Does God not make all things happen for a reason?

Don’t doubt the goodness of God.

Are you confused as to why your life is in turmoil? Do you have no faith in the system any more? Are you afraid the foundations are crumbling?

Don’t doubt the goodness of God.

Did He not spend nine months carefully crafting your blood vessels, your muscles, your organs in your mother’s womb? Did He not grow you a little each day as a child, teaching you about life, sending food and protection to get you through each day? Has he not made your heart beat a million times, over a period of many years, without a single error?

Don’t doubt the goodness of God.

When things seem complicated and difficult to you, they are easy for God.

He’s just a prayer away.


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