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God’s Mercy is Precious Beyond Words

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I just watched a beautiful sunset here in London and had some quality prayer time. This was much needed: I cannot see a way forward in my life at the moment because things are uncertain and rather messy, but I am reassured as I remember that God sees everything clearly, even when I don’t.

God is truly amazing – when I look around me and see all the detail in God’s creation it leaves me awestruck. And to think, I am awestruck by my immediate surroundings and God has created a whole universe. A finite mind could never comprehend the magnitude of this.

God’s mercy is the most precious commodity in the universe – we are all subject to God’s almighty sovereign will. Whether I live a little while, or a long time, all that matters to me is that God loves me, forgives me, and cares about me enough to show me mercy. All glory to Almighty God forever.

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  1. Steven, I want to thank you for your thought-provoking postings. They have rekindled in me some of the very questions you bring up. I do believe that God does want us to know Him – it is the very reason for there to be this wondrous creation. When you said that when you look around you and you see all the detail in God’s creation and that it leaves you awestruck, it reminded me a quote from Ibn’ Arabi, if I may. “Let me hear the speech of created beings in purest proclamation of God’s unity in every realm.” Since God is everything, everything is in Union with Him and in perpetual praise of Him. For me, I just need to be more constantly aware of this.
    Love RahimGee

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