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Three Inspirational Joshua Becker Videos

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Joshua Becker is best known for being a minimalist YouTuber and that’s how I discovered him. Admittedly, the first time I encountered his channel I thought it was a bit strange and eccentric that all his videos are just ‘talking head’ videos, which I prematurely judged to be rather bland! I’m ashamed to say this, particularly as my own YouTube videos are mostly talking head videos.

I kept encountering Joshua on YouTube as I searched for inspiring minimalism videos. I learned from watching more of his work that he was a pastor for fifteen years. I’d never have guessed, though I did wonder about his faith. The more I watched, the more I came to appreciate that he is a wise and generous person with some great advice to share — not just about minimalism but also about finance, family, and life lessons in general.

I started sending some of Joshua’s videos to a friend of mine who is struggling to find the motivation to declutter. She was inspired! I have been trying to encourage another friend with his videos as well. And now I want to inspire readers of this blog, so today I thought I’d share three of Joshua’s videos that I’ve found inspiring (I have picked only three, but they are all good!). I hope you enjoy.

If you have seen any videos related to minimalism and simple living that you’ve found inspiring, feel free to leave a link in the comments. I personally find minimalism to be very compatible with my worldview and my faith and am always looking for new tips and words (or videos!) of wisdom.

Image by By Gabriella Hileman, downloaded from Wikipedia.